Best Of Europe -- Russ' Log, 8/31/98 - 9/20/98

Image of group taken (in front of Carousel Arch near the Louvre) by Rick Garman with ???'s camera.  NOT OUR COPYRIGHT

This site contains a transcription of a travel journal I kept during our "Best of Europe" tour. All text and photographs (excluding the group shot above, and any other attributed contributions) are copyright 1998 by Brigid Hom-Schnapp and Russell Schnapp.

Please note:  The primary goal of this web site is to help remind Brig and I of the various events, good times, and good company we enjoyed on this trip.  It isn't a publishable travel journal.  It will be darned boring reading for most of you.  You are welcome to peek over our shoulders at it -- heck, spend as much time here as you like!  Just don't complain that I'm getting into nit-picky, boring detail.  I don't have the time or inclination to do the writing, re-writing, and just general hard work that goes into making for interesting reading.  I've done it before, mostly for technical books and articles.  It takes a lot of time and effort.  Just ask Gene Openshaw!

Fellow tour members and guides:  If you have photos or comments that you would like to contribute here, feel free to send them to us at  If you have a photo you would like scanned onto the site, mail it to us at the address you received on the contact sheet.  Be sure to include explicit permission to publish this stuff on this web site.  I will be sure to give you attribution.

8/28 - 29 San Diego to Haarlem
8/30 Haarlem (tour begins in evening)
8/31 Amsterdam
9/1 Haarlem to Bacharach
9/2 Bacharach and St. Goar
9/3 Rothenburg
9/4 Munich, Dachau, Reutte
9/5 Reutte and Castles in the Rain
9/6 To Venice
9/7 Venice
9/8 To Rome
9/9 Rome
9/10 Vatican Museum, Cività, to Florence
9/11 Florence
9/12 Florence to Vernazza
9/13 Cinque Terre
9/14 To Gimmelwald via Interlaken
9/15 Gimmelwald
9/16 Beaune
9/17 To Paris
9/18 Paris
9/19 Paris (tour ends in morning) and Versailles
9/20 Paris to San Diego

Miscellaneous notes:

  • If you're interested in taking a tour like this one, you may want to check out Rick Steves' web site.
  • Nearly all images in this site were taken with my Ricoh RDC-2e digital camera.  The full-size images are at 768 x 576 pixels, and were saved using a JPEG quality level of 50.  Toward the second half of the trip (Rome and beyond), the camera became contaminated with dust.  I have tried to compensate with minimal editing.
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