Best of Spain & Portugal - September, 2000

Our tour group, assembled in front of Toledo

8/31:   The Road to Barcelona our 747-400
9/2:   Barcelona a little shellfish tapa!
9/3:   Barcelona ¿Mas cava?
9/4:   Barcelona to Segovia Segovia's Roman acqueduct
9/5:   Segovia to Madrid The scene of the crime?
9/6:   Madrid The perfect finish to a paella feast!
9/7:   Madrid to Toledo El Escorial
9/8:   Toledo The BEST tapas -- pulpo!
9/9:   Toledo to Granada A fabulous seafood paella!
9/10:   Granada to Tarifa Water-clock at Alhambra
9/11:   Tarifa A Gibraltar ape
9/12:   Tarifa to Arcos Ronda's 300-year-old 'new' bridge
9/13:   Arcos An Egyptian feast
9/14:   Arcos to Sevilla Hansome cab ride in Sevilla
9/15:   Sevilla Tapas on a Sevilla roadside
9/16:   Sevilla to Salema, Portugal The Sagres cape's cliffs
9/17:   Salema A street-singer (Neil Young wannabe)
9/18:   Salema to Obidos The castle-cum-parador in Obidos
9/19:   Obidos to Lisboa (Lisbon) Monument to Discoveries on the Tejos
9/20:   Lisboa Russ drives a Lisbon funicular?
9/21:   Lisboa to London Brig tries to get out of bed, to the airport
9/22:   London Whatzat clock?
9/23:   London to San Diego The Palm V and GoType keyboard used to record this log
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