Russ Schnapp's Personal Home Page

Welcome. You must be exceedingly bored to be spending the time to visit here. I'll entertain you as well as I can, but you really ought to move on to more interesting WWW fare...

I was born in da Bronx and grew up in Flushing, New York. My educational history is:

Brigid Hom and I married in 1978 and moved to San Diego, where we've lived ever since.

I'm active in the local Association for Computing Machinery (SDACM) professional chapter, where I'm the Secretary (after having been the newsletter editor, chair, and chief cook and bottlewasher for 6 years or so).

Recent roles included computer scientist/programmer/computer architect/what-have-you, helping design and debug bleeding edge microprocessors. How the heck did a software guy end up doing microprocessor design? Good question! If you want more information on my professional side, please see my resume.

Hobbies include

If you want (make that need) more information than you can find here or on my resume, you'll have to ask me yourself.  To do so, send me email at

Oh by the way, if you have difficulty remembering your daily appointments, you might want to check out REMIND! 6.0, a tickler program for MS-DOS that I wrote in the early 1980's. I have rewritten it a couple of times, and it's now pretty damned whippy. I've got a couple hundred users, including one city government and a goodly-sized corporation, many of whom have stuck with REMIND! despite the fact that it is NOT a Windows application. You can run it under Windows (as I have done for years), but it uses an (albeit very simple) command interface ala DOS. Someday, when I can find the time, I'll rewrite it with all the GUI bells and whistles. In the meantime, you can learn more about it here. (You can even download a free version that has a complete manual, and is fully functional for 60 days.)

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Anyway, thanks for visiting, and get on with your life!