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Skip the sales pitch; Tell me about downloading the sample!

I have always had a terrible time remembering birthdays, appointments, and due dates. In 1984, I briefly had access to a UNIX system, which had a "tickler" program, to remind me of appointments. When I no longer was able to use that UNIX system, I decided to implement a version of that program on my PC. That's how Remind first came about.

That early version of Remind was useful, but it was slow, buggy, and rather limited in its abilities. Since then, I have had the opportunity to rewrite it a couple of times, and run it by many of my users. It is now extremely fast, powerful, and easy to use. It has also undergone a minor name change: I now call it REMIND! 6.0.

What can REMIND! do? Well, it can remember...

...and more. When you run a report, REMIND! will search your appointment database, and tell you about all dates that are relevant as of today. Normally, you will see appointments that are coming up in the next seven days (though you can change this number, called the default alert interval). You can set the alert interval for each appointment, if you wish. For instance, if you like to keep up with historical dates, you can record dates that will appear only on the anniversary (i.e., an alert interval of zero), such as
remind 7/20 (0) Neil Armstrong stepped onto lunar surface in 1969

REMIND! lets you search for appointments, preview appointments for a given day, or edit your appointments. You can even change the colors it uses for highlighting those appointments that come due today, and those that have expired. Expired appointments, by the way, are automatically archived in a journal file.

If you want more information on REMIND!, email

Please Note: REMIND! runs under MS-DOS. It is not a Windows application. You can run it under Windows, which is what I have done for years. Someday, when I get the chance, I'll make a Windows version. Until then, the DOS version does pretty much everything you need, but without the bells and whistles of a Microsoft Windows program.

REMIND! normally costs $14.95. If you mention this WWW page, though, you can have it for $9.95. (California residents must add 7.75% tax = $0.78, for a total of $10.73.) Send a check or money order to

            Schnapp Software Consulting
            P.O. Box 261091
            San Diego, CA  92196
REMIND! comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. If you don't like it, just mail it back and I'll promptly return your money.

Want to try REMIND! out first?

No problem! If you download the sample version of REMIND!, you can use a fully-functional version for 60 days. By that time, you ought to know whether or not you like it well enough to buy it. And for an even better price, be sure to read the READ.ME file carefully.

How do you download it? Well that varies from browser to browser. On Netscape Navigator, hold down the Ctrl and Shift and Alt keys at the same time as you click on the "sample version" link below. It will ask you where you want to load the file. Select a temporary directory that already exists.

Sample Version of REMIND! (50 kbytes)

Once you have retrieved your sample version, "cd" to the temporary directory and type


Then follow the directions in the file, READ.ME.